Holiday Quiz and Holiday Trivia Questions

Spring training baseball is a crucial part of life in Florida and Arizona throughout the waning days of winter. Even though spring training games have been going on nearly as long as there’s been professional baseball, these games have taken on more interest every year. Perhaps because there are more retirees residing in Arizona and Florida now who emerge and watch these activities, attendance records are being set almost every year, and it’s believed that the Cactus League (trained in Arizona) accounts for $300 million a year in economic impact for the greater Phoenix Metro Area.

Therefore to test your understanding of this increasing interest for some of the country, let us see how you can do with some trivia questions.

1. How many states now host spring training baseball in-the United States? Only two now, but that wasn’t often the case. Florida and currently Arizona are home to 1-5 teams each, the only two states that have spring training baseball.

2. When did spring training baseball start? It first started off within the 1890s, and by 1910 most teams had gotten to the act.

3. Did groups always conduct spring learning Florida and Arizona? Early on they trained in various settings. They were spread out in a number of places. For instance, the Pittsburgh Pirates trained in Honolulu, Hawaii for a-while, the Brooklyn Dodgers trained in Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the 1940s and as did the Yankees in the 50s. Games and training were also done in northern Mexico and Puerto Rico. Florida was also popular before major league baseball reached the state in 1958.

4. Was spring education stopped throughout the World War II? Not fully-suspended, but many had abbreviated schedules. And so that you can conserve rail transport for your war effort, they moved their training web sites nearer to their respective cities. This meant that most spring training was done within an area north of the Ohio River and takes of the Mississippi River.

5. Who was given credit for starting the Cactus League in Arizona? That would go to that loveable maverick and former club owner Bill Veeck. Based on his autobiography, after an event in Orlando, Florida that offended him as it was racist, later when he purchased the Cleveland Indians he chose to buck tradition and practice in Tucson, Arizona. He then convinced the Newest York Giants to go to Phoenix, ergo beginning the present-day Cactus League.

More information are available click here.

There are many places to visit watch some baseball, In the event that you are in Florida during the end of February and nearly all March. It is just another great thing to do when you holiday in Florida, and at the time when you’ve had enough of the snow and winter in the north. I am hoping you learned somewhat extra of the history of this trivia questions and answers rite of spring.


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